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Diril Cymbals have got many and different series. Browse the categories and learn more.


The Traditional serie is a versatile one and suitable for every musical style. This serie offers a complete line of balanced sound, with definitely quick response that makes it extremely musical. It has got a responsive, light and rich sound.

D Series

The line consists of heavy, medium and fine. This variety makes the serie versatile, and offers all musical styles. The D serie was developed in the design of "old Turkish Cymbals." Refined, very volumed, soft and highly complex, ideal for a variety to play in studios or live performans.

Raw Bell

It is a real hybrid that has the raw bell. Raw line and brilliant body of Shiny line. This combination provides enhanced and coordinated projection. RawBell line are explosive, with soft penetrating power, fast response with warm sonority. It is versatile and has got a strong dynamic.


The Shiny Serie presents brilliant finish, smooth, fast response, very volumed and excellent projection. Bright and full, rich response. Dynamic Focus at all volumes.


The Special line consists of the body Raw and the edge of the Traditional series. With this combination it presents a controlled sound high definition, sustain medium to dark shade. The Special Serie features diversity for musical styles composed of a heavier sound with little shine and a lot of joint. It is a dark, crispy but still bright sound.


The Raw serie was created with raw finish which demonstrates a dark sound and short sustain, but high definition, so it makes them extremely musical. It is a very deep and dry, crispy and very smoky sound.


The Primitive serie was created in the three joint concept series. It has got a Raw finish with big hammering. The Primitive serie is recommended for Instrumental, Jazz and Funk.


The Jazz series has all the qualities you would expect on the series "Vintage" maintaining a dark and brooding character. This series is defined by a mature sound, smooth and high definition at the touch of stick, extremely musical. The Jazz line are designed for drummers who plays Jazz.

AD Series

Dark, musically rich and vintage sound in traditionally hand hammered cymbals. Very unique sound.

Hammer XL

The Hammer Xl serie is definitely fantastic. It's deep, large and versatile. The Hammer Xl features thin, light and explosive. It offers the big, warm, soft, brilliant vintage sound.


The Aggressive serie is heavy, solid and has got a hybrid finish. It is how it called: Aggressive and powerful.


The Cooper line was created on natural finish where his brilliant presents on a glass sandblasting.


The Sweet dishes have a deep pounding on the body Traditional which favors the control dynamics and sustain. The line has an average thickness of excellent projection and volume.


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