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One of the most appreciated series, Shiny is well-known for the brilliant and powerful sound as well as the attractive design. The shiny finish, totally handmade, improve attack and power, making these cymbals perfect choice for rock, punk and metal. High full-bodied timbre and good decay are the characteristics of this exceptional series.

12 Shiny Splash

10 Stack Shiny

10 Shiny Splash

8 Shiny Splash

7 Shiny Splash

6 Shiny Splash

14 Hi Hat Shiny

13 Hi Hat Shiny

13 Hi Hat Shiny Flat Hole

12 Hi Hat Shiny

10 Hi Hat Shiny

20 Shiny Crash

19 Shiny Crash

18 Shiny Crash

17 Shiny Crash

16 Shiny Crash

18 Shiny China

16 Shiny China

14 Shiny China

10 Shiny China

19 Shiny Ocean Crash

18 Shiny Ocean Crash

17 Shiny Ocean Crash

16 Shiny Ocean Crash

21 Shiny Ride

20 Shiny Ride